Brimeyer Fursman – CDJ Partnership Update

Last month I commented on the formation of a strategic partnership with Brimeyer Fursman Executive Search/Strategies. We have been e-mailing and teleconferencing since August. I finally had the opportunity to meet our new strategic partners at the National League of Cities Congress of Cities in Denver at the beginning of this month. We looked at the NLC meetings as the place to “kick off” our new relationship.

Over the past few months, we at CDJ were pretty comfortable with personalities, philosophies and thought processes. My CDJ partners Dave Anderson and Jack Haney had the opportunity to meet Richard and Irina Fursman at ICMA this past fall. I had yet to do so. As we all know, there is nothing like meeting face to face. E-mails and phone calls and reviewing written work are good ways to get to know someone, but nothing beats meeting face to face. And I must say, the principles at Brimeyer Fursman are first class individuals and professionals.

We worked a booth together for two days and really got to know each other, familiarized ourselves with each others strengths and talked with potential clients. Richard has extensive background in city manager and department head searches. Irina has equal experience in group facilitation processes and development of personality profiles. They are both very strong in conducting strategic planning programs. They have used these skills to help city managers/administrators and city councils throughout the Upper Midwest.

How can I say this after one meeting? I met many of their clients at the NLC conference — mayors, city council members and city managers/administrators. They have created very positive relationships.

Their core competencies blend well with our core of strategic planning and administrative analysis and we look forward to many years of cooperative work together. If your community is considering a strategic retreat this year, please contact us. This new team will provide a program to guide your organization into the future.

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